Our story

The Beginning:

Indulge in the tale of a passionate individual who found pure joy in Portuguese egg tarts and transformed their love into a cozy online store. This is a story of a laid-back atmosphere and a strong sense of community, where homemade delights take center stage.

The Captivating Encounter:

One bite of a Portuguese egg tart forever changed the culinary landscape for our passionate owner. The creamy custard and flaky pastry left an unforgettable mark, kindling a desire to explore the origins and flavors of this delightful treat.

The Original Portuguese Egg Tart

With a love for tradition, our tart lover embarked on a journey of discovery from their home kitchen. They immersed themselves in Portuguese culinary heritage, studying time-honored recipes passed down through generations. Their mission was to recreate the authentic flavor, paying homage to the roots of this beloved delicacy.

Customized Egg Tart Creations:

Our passionate tart enthusiast ventured into creating a variety of unique and customized egg tart flavors. Armed with quality ingredients and a relaxed imagination, they experimented with flavors, resulting in a tempting assortment of tantalizing options. From intriguing spice infusions to unexpected fruit pairings and decadent chocolate embellishments, each tart was crafted with care to offer a personalized experience.

Quality Local Delights from Home:

Driven by a commitment to quality and authenticity, our home-based kitchen takes pride in sourcing premium ingredients from local suppliers who share their passion for excellence. Word of mouth quickly spread about the delightful egg tarts coming out of the home kitchen, fostering a warm sense of community. Customers became cherished members of a growing family, connected by their shared love for these delectable treats. To nurture this bond, our tart-loving entrepreneur organizes cozy gatherings and invites customers to join in, sharing their experiences, exchanging ideas, and savoring the tarts together. It's all about bringing people closer through the joy of homemade indulgences.


What began as a relaxing journey fueled by a deep love for Portuguese egg tarts has blossomed into a delightful online store that emanates a laid-back, local vibe. From honoring tradition to crafting unique flavors, this cozy home kitchen embraces the community and shares the love for these delightful delicacies. So come, join us, and experience the relaxed charm and mouthwatering wonders that await you.